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Indian Nanny Association

Family Memebership

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Why Should I Join a Professional Association?

Professional associations are service providers. These associations can perform many tasks,such as advocacy, public relations and bulk-buying, more effectively than individuals can otherwise carry out. In return, members pay membership dues and volunteer for association tasks to carry out the needs of the association.

I want to receive accurate and prompt information about the issues I need to know about. Better information means I can make better decisions that affect my career.

I want my professional interests brought effectively to other professionals, key stakeholders and government bodies, the insurance industry, media and any other organisation my colleagues and I encounter in our jobs.

I want an association to actively educate and market to the general public and referring service providers on a regular and consistent basis regarding the scope and benefits of professional in home nanny care, and to counter any negative press that may harm the profession.

By investing in research and building alliances, an association can open new doors for my colleagues and me in building credibility and recognition.

I want high-calibre experts brought locally to association events, so I can learn straight from the master.

INA offers its members training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities which will help you provide high quality childcare and increase your knowledge and enjoyment throughout your nanny career.

As a nanny, tailored training designed specifically for you is so important.  A lot of training aimed at, nursery and or school staff simply wont do when it comes to working for a family in their own home which is why we only work with training providers who understand your needs, who recognise that working as a nanny is unique and differs from other childcarers in many ways.

CPD offers you ongoing training throughout your nanny career.  It is delivered in a number of ways offering a combination of approaches so there’s always something to fit with your lifestyle, learning styles and preferences.

The training opportunities INA provides for you are designed to enable you to document your skills, build on your knowledge and expertise and support you in becoming the very best in your profession.

INA is committed to you and your professional development. Join us today to find out how you can benefit from FREE and discounted training opportunities

  • Enhance my network and broaden my career.For most people, creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group allows you to have a sense of security and trust. From this, you are able to support and help one another in reaching your professional goals.

Associations run numerous events throughout the year that allow you to connect with your peers.You can share ideas, ask for advice, volunteer to be a speaker or become a member of a committee.

Since most associations have national or local conferences, you can participate and have the opportunity to learn about breaking news in your career, learn “best practices” or new ideas, hear about key achievers in your field and also meet and brainstorm with others who are also looking to share and learn new information.

Another benefit of enhancing your network is that you may find a mentor to help you with your professional needs or you may be in a position to become a mentor to someone else. Giving back can be the greatest reward and benefit. Participating in forums, chat groups or discussion boards sponsored by the association is also a great way to grow your network. This allows you to use your peers as sounding boards and often make some great friends with the same interests as you.

Continual education is crucial for child care and healthcare profession and using  technological developments in the form of elearning can help keep nanny/caregivers professionals up to date with new developments in their field much better and faster than traditional learning can. Find out our latest Online Course.

Today’s specialized workforce shortage is one of the most critical challenges facing nanny agenciesacross the country. To help combat this issue, INA now offers nanny/health care organizations with the ability to take advantage of a cost-effective recruitment network and platform called Jobboard 

is a leading nanny or health/home care jobs website that connects candidates and families/employers to find their perfect match.

For an annual fee, nanny agencies can post an unlimited number of positions which INA promotes. Our member nanny agencies can trust that their recruitment needs are being met through broad exposure to qualified health care professionals quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Do you want to hire Nanny?

Are you looking to employ a nanny and don’t know where to start? We provide comprehensive information and advice relating to employment matters, contracts, insurance & taxation. You’ll find everything you need to know about employing a nanny here and ready to use documents for you in our online shop for parents.

Finding your nanny online

We appreciate that, due to time constraints, many parents favour online specialist nanny websites featuring jobs from both parents and nanny agencies, to find there nanny and, providing you apply caution, this can be a fruitful way of finding your next nanny.  With safety in mind, INA has partnered with  largest specialist nanny website featuring jobs from both parents and top nanny agencies.  You can access Job Board from here.

Family Membership Benifits

  • Access to our members-only trainings at a discounted price
  • Discounted rates for the services our partners offer
  • Networking with agencies, families and nanny members
  • Invitations to attend exclusive INA events specially for families.
  • Free job board for your requirement of nanny
  • A membership certificate with a unique registration number.
  • Access to the quarterly newsletter with lots insider news and information relevant to the nanny industry.
  • Access to the INA member-only community private group.
  • Access to family/employer peer support from within the industry from other INA members.
  • Access to exclusive INA discounts

Family Membership Benifits

  • Invitations to attend INA Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
  • Ability to nominate themselves for committee positions and to hold executive and sub-committee positions.
  • Ability to vote for nominated persons on the INA committee.

Mediation Services

So, you’ve found your ideal nanny.  You’ve carried out a thorough interviewing process and nanny and your children have hit it off straight away.  In the majority of cases everything will go without a hitch.  But sometimes an issue arises between nanny and employer and no matter how hard one or the other tries, it can feel unresolvable.  If you find yourself in such a situation and after endless attempts to put right the issue just will not go away, don’t let matters reach a point of no return.  Don’t terminate the arrangement without considering mediation.

INA’s membership provide specialises meditation solutions to resolve disputes.  They strive to help clarify and amend the issues between employer and employee, to help restore harmony to the workplace.

If you think you and your nanny would benefit from mediation, if there’s an underlying issue neither of you can resolve, then speak to them and suggest mediation.

Mediation will be completely independent, all work is guaranteed to be confidential.  Mediators are fully qualified and, if your nanny is a INA member, you can access mediation support at a discounted rate or free.

Post your job on nanny job board and nannies will contact you.Your job gets emailed to nannies looking for work in your area.You can also search & contact nannies directly.
All this for a one-off payment of Rs. 300/- No hidden costs or ongoing subscription payments

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