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Indian nanny Association

Formally known as Indeeun Nanny Association


membership for nanny institute

Our aim is to bring together, support and represent nannies and manny home based carers working and learning in India.

Get the Indian Nanny Association membership for your nanny institute and get following benifits.

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The Indian Nanny Association is a voluntary membership organization that promotes best industry practices for placement agencies with the required licence to operate in India.

We are proud to have professional agency members joining us in supporting and growing the nanny community. These agencies share our believe in the importance of high standards and quality care.

membership for nannies/caregivers

You believe in the strength of a community and we want to connect with like-minded nannies like you.

If you are searching for a reliable source of information and legal advice in our industry.

​You need guidance and want to be up to date. Join us.

Other Memberships

Business Supporter Membership

Business supporters are those that regard professional nannies and mannies as a quality and legitimate childcare option for Indian families.

Family Membership

Family membership is available to families who have hired a professional nanny or want to hire one.

Inernational Affilate Membership

INA Affiliate membership is open to all nannies working outside of the India and want to support our association.

Student Membership

If you are studing nanny/caregiver course and want to upgrade your skills in shorter time then join us.

Nanny Instructor Membership

If you are teaching in a nanny institute and need resources for your teaching skills than join us as a premium member.

Individual Supporter Membership

Individual supporters are those that regard professional nannies and mannies as a quality and legitimate childcare option for Indian families.

Why Choose Our Membership


If you want to receive accurate and prompt information about the issues you need to know about. Better information means you can make better decisions that affect your career.


If you want your professional interests brought effectively to other professionals, key stakeholders and government bodies, the insurance industry, media and any other organisation & your colleagues which encounter in your jobs.

Public Relation

I want an association to actively educate and market to the general public and referring service providers on a regular and consistent basis regarding the scope and benefits of professionals in home care, and to counter any negative press that may harm the profession.

Professional Development

INA offers its members training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities which will help you provide high quality childcare and increase your knowledge and enjoyment throughout your nanny career.


For most people, creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group allows you to have a sense of security and trust. From this, you are able to support and help one another in reaching your professional goals.


Continual education is crucial for child care and healthcare profession and using technological developments in the form of elearning can help keep nanny/caregivers professionals up to date with new developments in their field much better and faster than traditional learning can. Find out our latest Online Courses.

Job Board

Today’s specialized workforce shortage is one of the most critical challenges facing nanny agencies across the country. To help combat this issue, INA now offers nanny/health care organizations with the ability to take advantage of a cost-effective recruitment network and platform called Jobboard

More Opportunities

By investing in research and building alliances, an association can open new doors for you in building credibility and recognition.


“You should know that your site is really strong. We are getting a lot of great applicants. We've hired a couple of people and already expanded the relationship with them. It's a good match for both parties. It's hard for them to find part-time, higher quality work and it's hard for me to find employees that I can afford."
Amit Kumar
Nanny Agency
“Every time I had a position to fill, the candidates I found in job board turned out to be the best for the job. INA Job board provide fantastic recruitment process and they have India’s best job board for nanny agencies and recruiters".
Nanny Agency
“Great efforts for the Indian Nannies. Good wishies for this initative. IAO will support you and your mission. Once again best of luck for all the team members of association .”
Dr. Miglani
IAO Chapter Member

Target 2021

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Nanny Institutes
Nannies Caregivers

We are here for you

Indian Nanny Association is member driven and we are here to support you! Connect with the professionals.

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